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  • Changes of LASS Message Formats 
wuulong s
  • Version 3
  • since LASS v0.7.3
  • Changes:
  • sensor naming rule changed, from data-type to s_type. type start naming from lower case with 2 characters in user defined sensors, 1 character for system sensors
  • Example
  • since LASS v0.7.0
  • Changes:
  • remove "|values=xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx,xxxx,..."
  • remove "|gps=$GPGGA,..."
  • add "|data-X=xxx" for each sensing data, where X is the sensor type. The value of X is an integer in the range of 1 and 9 for default system sensors, an uppercase English character for COTS Grove sensors, and a lowercase English character for customized sensors
  • add "|gps-lat=xxx" for latitude informaiton
  • add "|gps-lon=xxx" for lontitude information
  • add "|gps-fix=x" for the quality of GPS fix informaiton
  • add "|gps-num=xx" for the informaiton about the number of satellites involved in the GPS fix
  • add "|gps-alt=xxx" for the altitude above the sea level 
  • Example
  • |ver_format=1|fmt_opt=0|app=APP_ID|ver_app=0.7.0|device_id=DEVICE_ID|tick=328957926|date=2015-10-09|time=05:14:34|device=LinkItONE|data-0=29028.00|data-1=100.00|data-2=1.00|data-3=0.00|data-B=1006.67|data-T=26.30|data-H=94.40|data-L=40.00|gps-lat=25.025304|gps-lon=121.367689|gps-fix=0|gps-num=0|gps-alt=1
  • Version 1

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